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Will your Yoga box have this added SURPRISE?!!!!

Pure talent! I am beyond in love with Roxann Astra's work, every piece is beautiful and intricate in detail. My absolute favourite is a glass image of a women's naked body-simply stunning and I find wearing it empowering!

So, why am I so excited? Two lucky random yogini's are receiving a necklace, a piece of her beautiful art in their yoga box. How is it random? Well same as how you receive cards with quotes. I take the time and literally feel a connection which is what I did for the glass work. I put energy and intuition into what special additions you may receive in your yoga box. I have had feedback from yogini's asking how I knew exactly what they needed. Well yoginis... its energy and we are all connected. I will talk more about manifestation another time but what you manifest will come to you:)


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