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What does this have to do with yoga????

I am fortunate to try so many local products with the likelihood that they will be added to the yoga box. I try everything from headbands, t-shirts, therapy balls, malas and stones. All of these are OBVIOUSLY yoga related. As we expand and add products such as bath salts, balms, shower steamers, incense, face washes and body butter I found myself wondering "are people going to think this is yoga related"? First of all I acknowledge I think too much, many of us have the brain that doesn't shut off easily~ me too!  Secondly, what is yoga? It's not the fancy headstands (although I love fancy headstands) it's the journey, it's what we learn throughout life, it's about awareness and in translation it means 'union'. Therefore, if you have never stepped on your mat but you are working on your personal self~ this yoga box is for you, if you support local artisans~this box is for you, if you like surprises~this box is for you, if you like fancy headstands~this box is for you. I have been most pleased with the community connections (union) that we have built, please send us messages about your journey, you don't even need to talk about the products:) 

Basically regardless of where you are in life and what your asana practice is, if any, the practice is really off the mat. That means these products are just tools to help guide you towards personal self discovery and awareness (and so much more) incense can cleanse a space for you, lift up your soul~that's yoga. As you take time to apply body scrub and butter, you are practicing self care and self love~that 's yoga. If you consume locally made snacks and other products you are becoming more conscious and aware of where your purchases are coming from~that's yoga. 

Nobody other than myself have ever asked (me) the question "how is this (balms, scrubs etc) related to yoga"?. Each product is carefully chosen in hopes that it will add something to your life that at least starts with a smile while doing good and supporting our local artisans. Most products are consumable & usable such as tea, snacks, essential oils, incense etc. to avoid you getting 'stuff', we don't want to add to over consumption rather fuel your mind, body and soul while being kind to mother nature.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,


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